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Lending & Real Estate Professionals

Miller Engineers is at the forefront of a new generation of companies that provide engineering and construction services in a true one-stop shop for virtually any real estate need. Our services include construction monitoring and building survey services. We understand the industry needs for quick turnaround with reasonable rates.

Our focus is to see that you fully understand what the condition of your real estate assets means financially—now and in the future.Whether your goal is to audit an industrial facility, expedite a deal to closure, or comprehensively evaluate real property, Miller Engineers can tailor a due diligence solution for you. For every interest or investment in real estate, we have the experience and knowledge to help you maximize performance.

Our services include:

- Environmental site assessments 
- Property condition reports 
- Construction loan monitoring- Construction monitoring
- Building survey services
- Cost segregation analysis- Environmental due diligence 
- Site investigation and remediation 
- Environmental sampling

How we work

* Our experts add value to your real estate investments with technical expertise, years of experience, and management and business skills.

* We help you complete projects and transactions in a timely manner, within budget, and with minimal exposure to inherent risks.

* We employ a sensible approach to develop effective & efficient solutions to sensitive issues.

Miller Engineers Construction Draw Review Services

Miller Engineers,acts as a Bank’s Technical Representative for the purposes of reviewing the work completed on a project as it relates to the funds requested by the Borrower against the construction loan. The overall objective of this work is to insure that the funds remaining in the construction loan are sufficient to complete the project. Our work also requires us to evaluate the quality of work based solely upon visual inspections and a comparison of the plans and physical evidence of work completed in the field, and testing/certification reports prepared by others and provided to us for review.

Our work for these services is not construction inspection or engineering design of the structures or mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems.We have provided these services for various sites including commercial and residential construction. These services are conducted under the supervision of a Professional Engineer. The fees for this work are set based upon the complexity of the project and the exact scope of services. More complex projects requiring a more extensive initial review, or more frequent site visits if more frequent construction draws are anticipated (i.e. bi-monthly), will impact the fees.

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