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Technical & Intellectual Property

Miller Engineers gains insight and updates on best practices, new regulations, and trends and technologies that may affect your operations by direct participation.

We are actively involved in technology gains through involvement in:

- Air & Waste Management Association 
- New York Water Environment Association 
- American Water Works Association 
- New York Planning Federation 
- American Public Works Association.

Through active involvement in committees, sponsorships, and conference presentations, we are able to provide you with up-to-the-minute trends in each of our service areas.


Keep an eye out for exclusive technical papers, trade journal articles, and conference presentations that we are involved in, and you will witness our knowledge in action as we help our clients meet their unique needs and goals.


We are also in constant contact with partners at SUNY ESF and the trend-setting activities of their ongoing efforts in areas such as environmental science, sustainable systems, green buildings, and construction management.

Data Cloud
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