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Commercial Property Services


Our speed, accuracy, and turnkey service make a big difference.


Careful planning and analysis during the conceptual design stage saves you time and money. No need to work with multiple consultants: Miller Engineers provides the full range of services required for successful commercial development, from planning to final design.


Miller Engineers has played an instrumental role in many land development projects. As site development engineer, we focus on what counts: smart planning, fast-track permitting, adhering to strict budgets and schedules.We furnish turnkey service from a team distinguished by multiple skills and resources.


We have extensive experience working with government officials and the public to resolve zoning and permitting issues. At your request, We can take an active role in coordinating presentations and negotiations. Whether the project involves a small site or hundreds of acres, Miller Engineers responds to unique client concerns with custom solutions.


Successful land development projects demand an experienced team—the Miller Engineers team.


  We provide:

  • Land development 

  • Subdivision 

  • Construction management 

  • Roadway design 

  • Stormwater design 

  • Erosion and sediment control design 

  • Lighting design 

  • Sewer layout 

  • Water layout 

  • Permitting 

  • Public involvement

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