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Planning and Development

Miller Engineers understands land use planning and development both from the perspective of a practicing engineer and from the perspective of a longtime planning official. We have worked with public entities, private individuals, neighborhood associations, and businesses in a range of land use issues. We have also assisted our clients on municipal-level issues with town and city officials and with neighbors.

Miller Engineers knows that project success is often defined by the amount of community support it receives, so we help our clients build consensus by designing and implementing community involvement strategies. Our land use planning and development services include: 

- Comprehensive master planning, including brownfields redevelopment 
- Facilities planning for water and wastewater 
- Land use, zoning, and environmental planning 
- Environmental impact statements 
- Public involvement programs 
- GIS and mapping 
- Recreation facilities 
- Special use permits 
- Area variance and use variance 
- Building and environment permits 
- Subdivision approvals 
- Water and sewer district extensions 
- Community outreach and consensus-building 
- Public meetings 
- Websites, for public information and public participation 
- Newsletter, brochure, and flyer design 
- Mailings 
- Advertising 
- Press releases 
- Community surveys 
- Community participation strategies 
- Public opinion survey design and implementation 
- Media communications 
- Meeting coordination 
- Charrettes 
- Visual aids

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