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Environmental Services

Miller Engineers provides a full-service response to today's environmental challenges. Our skilled associates can provide you with everything you need to complete your project or to address your compliance concerns—from expedited due diligence assessments to asbestos surveys to comprehensive site remediation plans. Services include: 

- Environmental compliance monitoring 
- Grant preparation and administration 
- Brownfield site screening and selection 
- Phase I-II environmental site assessments 
- Remedial studies and design 
- Sampling and analysis 
- Landfill siting and design 
- Landfill closure design 
- Landfill reclamation design 
- Environmental compliance auditing & permitting 
- Regulatory negotiations 
- Tank compliance-management services 
- Construction-phase services 
- SPDES and NPDES compliance 
- Wastewater design and construction 
- Water supply treatment and storage 
- Industrial waste minimization 
- Waste management 
- Wetland monitoring and management 
- Air quality compliance

Environmental Worker
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