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Dam Safety

Miller Engineers offers a full array of dam maintenance and safety services. Our partners available through our e-POD teaming provide maximum and timely responsiveness, including emergency capabilities. We deliver innovative and sustainable solutions related to dam, SPDES, SWPPP, and all other associated stormwater issues. We help owners stay within regulations, meet maintenance and repair commitments, and minimize infrastructure costs. Services include: 

- New dam and pumped storage reservoir designs 
- Dam rehabilitation and removal programs 
- GIS-based hydrologic and hydraulic analyses 
- Flood damage surveys and evaluations 
- Drainage and stormwater management studies 
- Emergency Action Plans and dam failure analyses 
- Hydrogeological surveys 
- Vulnerability assessments 
- Operations evaluations

- Development of operation & maintenance manuals 
- Erosion control and sediment transport analyses 
- Environmental planning, impact studies, and permitting 
- Fish passage design 
- Ecological assessments 
- Inspection and supervision of subsurface exploration programs 
- Hydroelectric power development 
- Project performance monitoring 
- Federal Energy Regulatory Commission licensing & compliance assistance 
- Funding application assistance 
- Geotechnical analysis and design 
- Structural analysis and design 
- Master water planning 
- Design-build services 
- Emergency on-call response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

River Dam
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