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Miller Engineers provides practical solutions to build sustainable futures. Our professional team covers environmental engineering services, water resource engineering services, construction management services and site development. 

Planning & Development 

Miller Engineers understands land use planning and development both from the perspective of a practicing engineer and from the perspective of a longtime planning official. We have worked with public entities, private individuals, neighborhood associations, and businesses in a range of land use issues. We have also assisted our clients on municipal-level issues with town and city officials and with neighbors.

Dam Safety

Miller Engineers offers a full array of dam maintenance and safety services. Our partners available through our e-POD teaming provide maximum and timely responsiveness, including emergency capabilities. We deliver innovative and sustainable solutions related to dam, SPDES, SWPPP, and all other associated stormwater issues. We help owners stay within regulations, meet maintenance and repair commitments, and minimize infrastructure costs


Our e-POD approach provides a full-service response to today's environmental challenges. Our skilled associates can provide you with everything you need to complete your project or to address your compliance concerns—from expedited due diligence assessments to asbestos surveys to comprehensive site remediation plans.

Renewable Energy

We offer comprehensive consulting and engineering services to support the assessment, development, and implementation of renewable energy projects. We also support clients in their evaluation of the feasibility of new technologies by assessing technology risks involved with project development, construction, and operation. Clients include original equipment manufacturers, developers, owners, investors, lenders, contractors, power off-takers, and governmental agencies

Water Resources 

Miller Engineers expertise in water includes drinking water, wastewater treatment and stormwater design and compliance. Uses of water include agricultural, industrial, domestic, recreational and environmental activities. Virtually all of these human uses require fresh water.

Building System  Analysis

Miller Engineers provides architectural and engineering services to assist with commercial real estate transactions, including acquisitions, dispositions, financing, and refinancing.


At Miller Engineers, we know that the success of your project depends on our ability to not only provide technical solutions, but to convey those solutions to the neighborhood, City, County, Department of Transportation, or public. All aspects of our services require that we serve as a liaison between our client and concerned groups or regulatory agencies. We pride ourselves in staffing ourselves with competent engineers who not only excel in the technical arena, but who also are exceptional at communicating with both technical and non-technical audiences.


Miller Engineers offers a variety of services to help clients address complex industrial health and safety regulations. We offer customized training programs tailored to the needs of our clients. We can assess a current training structure and develop a matrix of corporate safety standard operating procedures and job functions vs. regulatory training requirements. The result is a product- or process-specific program that enhances employees’ overall understanding of safe work practices, as well safety issues related to specific duties.

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