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Environmental Engineering Services

-Evaluating Existing Undesigned Manure Storage Systems
-Manure Storage Design & Inspection
-Grass Filters
-Silage Leachate Collection
-Design of Best Management Practices
-Nutrient Management Plan

Water Resources Engineering Services
-Farm Water Supply
-Environmental Investigations
-Petroleum and Bulk Storage
-Ground Water Monitoring

Construction Management Services
-Civil Engineering
-Structural Engineering
-Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
-Construction Surveying & Inspection
-Design Build Services
-Aging Infrastructure Management
Waste Treatment, Solid/Liquid Separation Systems,

Sludge Handling & Cost Estimating


Site Development
-Grain storage design and construction management
-Retrofit design
-Structural Condition Assessments
-Property Risk Evaluations
-Property Risk Management studies
-Property Valuations
-Forensic Investigations of structural failure, origin and cause


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